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A sprayable fiber filler that bonds to spalled, cracked refractory linings

A Fiber Filler

Alltherm's most recent innovation is a new product called Ultra-Fill. It is a modified version of our Ultra-Z product and will be used to fill in the openings around the rollers that move hot steel slabs down a tunnel furnace. This insulator is very similar in both components and properties to Ultra-Z. There are other products in the marketplace, but they are very expensive and require the furnace to be cooled before application.


When hot spots develop within your refractory lining it effects the efficiency of your furnace. However, even if your fiber is deteriorating, you do not necessarily need to replace the damaged refractory. Through the use of our innovative spray-able ceramic fiber insulation coating we are able to extend the life of your furnace lining. Alltherm knew they could develop something that would be more cost efficient for our customers. 

   Ultra-Fill Cost Savings 

Ultra-Fill saves customers money in a variety ways:

  1. Costs about half as much of our competitor’s product

  2. Less downtime 

  3. Reduced energy cost 

  4. Can be applied to a hot surface so no production downtime is required

  5. Saves energy by creating a tight seal around roller openings, keeping the heat inside of the furnace.

    Ultra-Fill Advantages

Other than cost savings Ultra-Fill has additional ​benefits such as:

  • Good chemical resistance 

  • Thermal shock resistance 

  • Low thermal conductivity 

  • Low heat storage 

  • Speed and ease of installation 

  • Increased efficiency

  • Upgraded lining

    Ultra-Fill Application

The installation process combines a mixture of soluble fibers with a chemical binder, and can be applied to a several refractory linings that are including, but not limited too:

  • Casted end walls and doors 

  • Ceramic fiber linings 

  • Ladle lids 

  • Tunnel furnace linings 

  • Roller openings 

  • Ladle preheater walls 

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