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Leaders in innovation and practical solutions for high temperature production

Alltherm Services, Inc.

Alltherm Services Inc. is a full refractory service contractor/ industrial manufacturer that has been providing practical solutions in the aluminum, steel industry, and other industries with high temperature production needs. Since 1986, Alltherm has offered a full array of maintenance and repair services that has garnered expert knowledge in the industry, with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We have never compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customer and are fully devoted to keeping the customers happy while providing them cost effective solutions. Our business is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and provides refractory material sales and construction services for any industrial manufacturing and commercial service company.

Alltherm works primarily with non-metallic insulting materials that can withstand very high temperatures inside of furnaces.  We design, build and install various products for our customers in the steel, aluminum, die cast and forging industries. 


Alltherm’s tag line of “We Do It Hot” came into being because Jerry developed products and services that allowed for repairs to be done to a furnace while it was still in production.  Customers can save thousands of dollars by not having to shut a furnace down completely to fix problems.

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As previously stated, Alltherm Services, Inc. services the Steel, Aluminum, Power Generation, Heat Treating, Minerals Processing, Incineration Industries, in addition to operators of both Heating and Process Steam Boilers. These industries are comprised of customers that operate the following types of equipment:

  • Industrial Furnaces

  • High- and Low-Pressure Steam Boilers

  • Incinerators

  • Kilns

  • Industrial Dryers

  • Heaters

  • Various other Heat Processing Equipment used in many manufacturing processes.

Construction Services & Products

  • Engineering & Design

    • Solving problems is what we do. From Melting & Holding furnaces, Heat Treating and Forging furnaces; from Combustion Controls & Electric Resistance Heating Elements, we have the capability to develop the custom solutions designed to meet the unique challenges of our customers.

  • Repairs

    • Alltherm has a combined 80 years of experienced with the Tear outs, Relines, Rebuilds, and Retro-fits of all industrial furnaces and systems.

  • Fabrication

    • We have a full service metal fabrication shop, capable of implementing any sized projects from the smallest machined parts to the largest furnaces.

  • Electrical and Controls (E&C Division)

    • Our highly skilled engineering staff can design, manufacture, and supply Electric Resistance Heating Elements, Immersion Heaters, Tubular Heaters, Glo-bars, and Control Panels.

  • Refractory Products

    • With our unique and innovative “Positive Plus R-1” Fiber Anchoring System, Alltherm can build Ceramic Fiber Modules up to 25ft high and up to virtually any length, from 1ft to 900ft.

    • With our patented spray-on ceramic fiber coating Ultra-Z, we can make hot repairs to a furnace so there isn’t any downtime.

    • We also manufacture & supply Pre-cast custom shapes, Ceramic Fiber Blanket, Insulation Board, and a variety of Castables.


The sale of our construction services and refractory products is primarily achieved through direct customer contact by authorized company representatives.  These representatives promote the interests of our company by soliciting sales of our construction services and refractory products to the targeted industries.


Alltherm Services, Inc. has been successful in competing with any viable multi-state or local refractory manufacturer and/or installation company.  Our primary competition are companies located in Fort Wayne, IN, Indianapolis, IN, Cincinnati, OH, Louisville, KY, St. Louis, MO, Quad Cities, IA and Chicago, IL.  Additional competition will be companies, who are limited to specific products and services such as, the supply of specialty insulation and mechanical service companies.

Having more than thirty years of experience in refractory construction, we know our competition, their strengths and limitations. To provide reliable and professional service, we know that we must be persistent in our sales efforts, consistent in our opinions and punctual in our response to our customer’s needs.

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