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"Built on a mans word in taking pride in our contribution to our clients sucess"

The Begining

Alltherm Services, Inc was incorporated in on September 3, 1986. The company was operated on a part-time basis to establish a name and reputation as a premier furnace repair service and refractory installer. Almost five years later, Alltherm Services, Inc. commenced full-time operations on July 1, 1991, and has been in the expanding stages ever since.


Jerry Skorupa

Jerry Skorupa

Jerry Skorupa began his career as an apprentice bricklayer in the steel industry.  He became frustrated with the lack of innovation he saw in the products he represented.  He knew his customers needed more than a salesman, they needed someone with industry experience who would take a creative approach to solving their problems.

Jerry and his wife, Yvonne, began Alltherm as a partnership.  He quickly developed a reputation as a problem solver and the guy you could call at any hour of the day or night if you had a problem. Jerry’s philosophy is very simple. He wants to make the highest quality products, at the lowest prices, to help keep his customers in business. 

Society of Innovator Award

Innovation is at the heart of Alltherm Services.Developed in the field by Alltherm to withstand the heat and pressure of an operating furnace, Ultra-Z allows for quick, lasting repairs to hard refractory linings. Ultra-Z is a truly unique product in this industry.  Instead of having the high cost of replacing various furnace components, an Ultra-Z application extends the life of the component while making the furnace perform more efficiently. In addition to repairing cracks, seams and voids, the real cost benefit of Ultra-Z comes from its heat saving properties.  An Ultra-Z application can lower the cold face temperatures as much as 125° F. 

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