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Alltherm works primarily with non-metallic insulting materials that can withstand very high temperatures inside of furnaces.


Since 1986, Alltherm Services has offered a full array of maintenance and repair services, while leading the way with innovative, but practical solutions for aluminum, steel, and other industries with high temperature production needs.  

About Alltherm

Located in Lowell Indiana, Alltherm Services Inc. is a full-service refractory contractor providing innovative, yet practical solutions for high temperature production. Over the past 30 years, we have assembled an expert, industrial sales staff that listens to the concerns of our customers with the intention of improving your facility. Operating primarily in

· Steel

· Aluminum

· Power Generation

· Heat Treating

· Mineral Processing

· Incineration Industries

has allowed us to develop and maintain a diversified inventory of refractory and high temperature insulating materials, to meet the demands of this varied consumer base. We know our competition, their strengths and limitations.  In order to provide reliable and professional service, we know that we must be persistent in our efforts, consistent in our opinions, and punctual in responding to our customer’s needs.



    Ceramic Fibe Module

    Ceramic Fiber Modules

    Our custom furnace fabrication using ceramic fiber modules in roofs and doors vastly reduces lost heat and slashes your energy costs. Our attention to detail makes every product we make and install 'built to last'.


    Electric Heating Elements

    Electric Elements

    Do you heat your metal with electricity! Alltherm Services provides a leading edge design for electric element systems in holding furnaces and other related designs for molten metals. 



    Specifically designed for ceramic fiber, Ultra-Z was designed in the field by Alltherm Services to withstand the heat and pressure of an operating furnace.




    Alltherm's most recent innovation is a new product called Ultra-Fill. It is a modified version of our Ultra-Z product and will be used to fill in the openings around the rollers that move hot steel slabs down a tunnel furnace.



Tunnel Furnace Maintenace

Repairs, Relines, Rebuilds 

Whether it's a partial rebuild or a complete re-line, we provide the expert knowledge and quality products you've come to expect from our years of experience.

Forge Furnae

Custom Fabrication

Alltherm Sevices leads the refractory industry with our custom furnace fabrication. With our custom design and innovative "Postive Plus R-1" anchoring system we create a longer lasting, energy efficient seal to your furnace.

Engineering and Design

Engineering & Design

Solving Problems is what we do! We have the ability to develop custom solutions to meet the unique challenges of our customers 


#We Do It Hot 

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