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Electric Elements

Custom designed for maximum energy usage and a longer product life cycle


Alltherm Services excels at manufacturing our electric element lid covers! Our innovative design retrofits your elements for maximum energy usage and a longer product life cycle.

Custom Designed

This element anchoring system replaces the metal anchors with ones that are solid castable. This approach completely eliminates the threat of failed insulators while softening the contact area between the a ceramic tube and the anchor.

Split Lid Design

3 cups


3 cups


2 tsp.


1 cup


2 tsp.


1½ cups


Alltherm’s Split Lid Electric Covers are designed to make your maintenance guy smile. They will be able to switch out elements in record time and clean out the furnace much more easily. Your Maintenance Department will get an easy to fix product, while you get a cleaner furnace.

Spun By Hand

Depending on your heat requirement, heating elements are spun from nickel or iron chromium, and are custom made by Alltherm Services.

Custom elments spun from nickel chromium

Long Lasting

Our custom spun elements not only last longer, but can be replaced quickly and easily making your maintenance managers smile.

Energy Efficient

Do you heat your metal with electricity! Our custom designed elements provide higher energy efficiency that can cut 10% off energy costs.

Electric Heating Elements

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